Posted by : lara 8.26.2007

it's not a card, but an important step in my evolution as a scrap-artist.
yeah, that's what i said, scrap-artist.

12"x12" layout.
probably the most personal and inspired one i've ever made.

closer look:

"It's all a balancing act. calories in. calories out.
calories are just a measurement of energy.
they're NOT an emotion. it's science and math.
i have been conditioned psychologically to think of calories as a dirty naughty word and anything regarding calories entering my system as shameful and embarrassing.
i need the energy calories give me, but not in excess, and when i do happen to ingest more than what my body needs, well, it's just math NOT a persecution of my willpower, just get up and move NOT sit on the couch and whine about it."

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