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Hipstamatic Photos Volume 4

Havent done a Hipstamtic post in a while.
Here are some recent shots - all straight off the iphone...

Early Spring Sunday:

Frog Alley in Glendale, CA:

Valentines Day Card:


Tin Lizzy's Patio at Sunset:


Street Graffiti:

Sunday Morning, 9am:

Mi Amores:





To see the first three volumes:
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Volume Two
Volume Three

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Pay it Forward 2011 - Love Bouquet

A couple of weeks ago I posted to my facebook page for the first five people to respond I would make them something hand-made in 2011 - someone else had called it "pay it forward." Eight people responded (i didnt know i had eight friends who cared - seriously.)

Well, unlike past years where I've made sweeping promises such as this, this year I intend on pushing myself to keep it. Damnit. This year is a reemergence of many things. Again... damnit.

The first Pay It Forward gift goes to Ashley and Zeleika - two new friends from the 'hood. And they just celebrated their 8 year anniversary, so i created this "love bouquet" for them.

The vase itself is about 5 inches tall and comes from the Target $1 section - a scary scary place for a crafter. I grunged it up a bit with acrylic paint.

The flowers are a collage of paper and paint i cut up and put back together again (yes, my go to favorite thing). I then had to retrain myself how to cut a flower shape! How weird was that?! The flowers are pulled together by some electrical wire I found at Ace Hardware in their $1 bin and capped off with buttons.

one gift down ... seven more to do ...
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Completed Year in the life Art Journal!

Nom Nom Nom

i present my 2009 and 2010 Year in the Life of an Art Journals!

I just looked through the 2009 one for the first time in probably a year and it was AMAZING and AWESOME to see that history of my emotional life. I'm SO HAPPY I started keeping the art journal when i did and so thankful for Rachels Prompt Blog!!!

2010 Prompts.
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