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Still Sugar & Spice - Gutter Girlz

Sugar & Spice - Gutter Girlz

For the #34 Prompt at Gutter Girlz

THE PROMPT: I'm Still Sugar and Spice
PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: Ribbon/Bows AND Dirty Socks

I used photos from my 365 Photo Project that I thought highlighted my January 2010 as well as the theme of this prompt. Love this project and am so glad I am doing it!

Sugar & Spice Macro
Indeed these are my socks i was wearing that day that I cut up :)
They're woven through the paper then stapled down to frame the page.
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Hope Art Journal Page

hope - art journal

Here is art journal page for the word Hope as prompted from Year in the Life of an Art Journal blog.

I discovered this pretty cool effect completely by accident!
I was just trying to do a Rorschach type thing with acrylic paint - smooshing dollaps between the two pages to stimulate my creative juices which have been stagnant.

Hope Art Journal Macro 2

I then used a paper towel and lightly brushed over black gesso i just bought for the first time so it highlighted the wrinkles from the smooshed paint!
Hope Art Journal Macro 1

The Hope word is a stencil i made from my cricut spray painted with plain cheapy white spray paint i still can smell.
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Week 3 of 2010 in the 365 Photo Project


Man - 3rd week of 2010 is done and gone?
Here's the two week recap of my life - i am actually really really thankful i started this - it's pretty powerful to see your life in photos.

Obviously, it was a tumultuous week - i know some of the photos might be a little, um, graphic.

P.S. the feb 2 photo of my titties was after a mammogram - i wasn't trying to be all Playboy on ya. It's soooo convenient having an iphone camera! More than half of the photos i've now taken have been from that. Not too shabby.

Dogs etc

Not to be more morose, but i found these two photos on my camera today as I started to go through my 2 weeks worth of 365 Photos. It makes me so happy yet so sad that these were the two last photos I ever took of Charo

Charo, my love.

I miss her smell. Every morning i would smell her forehead and kiss her goodbye and every night we would cuddle on the couch and i would just smell her forehead and listen to her breathe.

Charo, the last photo.

Tuesday was a horrible horrible day last week. Just horrible. This last photo I took for 365 to represent how my lil mamacita was such a comfort when everything else was, well, horrible.


However, time to move on and not dwell. Me and Sophia Rose found each other at Atlanta Pet Rescue on Tuesday - she has bad kennel cough but appears to be starting to fit in with Herschel and I:

Sophia-and-Herschel Resting

The new Pack

Herschel still looks sad, doesn't he. Poor kid... hopefully once they become more comfortable with each other they'll become real buddies.


i know this isn't craft related, which is what i try to keep this blog soley about but:


Rest In Peace my sweet baby girl.
I don't know why god took her, she was only five years old.

I came home from work yesterday to find her lifeless on the floor. All stretched out, maybe it was a seizure? There was no other sign of anything around her, no blood, no vomit, no feces. She was just laying there.

My friend Brian buried her for me in my backyard.
I couldn't say good-bye.
My last memory I want to be kissing her sweet warm forhead before I left for work.
I loved her so much i never took my time with her for granted.
There was not one day i didn't kiss her goodnight or kiss her goodbye in the morning.
I made sure every night we laid together on the couch and watched TV.
She loved laying on my chest and putting her chin next to my neck.
That was the best feeling on earth - no matter how depressed or anxious i was, listening to her breathing and sighing and feeling that slightly damp warm breath on my shoulder and neck comforted me.

In the morning she would stretch out on the bed next to me and roll over and i would kiss her tummy up and down and it was so soft and smooth and warm and smelled just like her.

It might be weird to other people, but i just loved smelling her. Every day I would just pick her up and smell the top of her forhead. I was the only person she let do that.

I dont understand why she died.
She wasn't acting sick.
She wasn't being listless or not eating.

god i will miss her.
my heart aches like it never has.
she was my life.

Art Journal Page

Art Journal Page 020110

an art journal page i did this weekend - i've had ZERO creativity lately and i really had to force this one out which sucks ass, let me tell you. I think it looks forced and overworked, but it's something.

The eye graphic is from Gauche Alchemy. The text is package tape transfer (who recognizes the lyrics :) ), there's wax paper and acrylic paint all thrown in there too.

The subject of the page came out of the realization when i was staring at a painty piece of wax paper over the eye, the only thing that has really been a constant in my tumultuous life the last two years has been art and the need to create. I mean, sure my good friends and family are always a constant, but the thing directly around me in my minute to minute world, even when my mental state was completely broken or xanaxed out, or i literally would not be to identify myself, the stranger, in a mirror, i always was thinking about ways to get that energy and emotion out of me through creative expression. You wouldn't believe how many pages of just black and blue paint i have tucked away.
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