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Archive for November 2010

Dream - Art Journal Prompt

new art journal page for "Dream" prompt from http://oneyearartjournal.blogspot.com.

Since i've been so devoid of any sort of creative mojo for months i just decided to layer on paint to see if anything would come back to me ... it didnt really, but here's the result anyway.
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Hipstamatic Photos Volume 1

I got Hipstamtic for my iPhone a couple of months ago and am OBSESSED with it.
I love the unpredictability of it. There are so many way to control image output these days and, like mixed media, its refreshing to use something that i need to surrender control to and then be extra dazzled by the results!

Here are some photos i really like from the last couple of months. For original size photo or information on what kind of Hipstamtic settings I used go to my Flickr Page:

These two were taken at The Tabernacle during the Interpol show I saw there recently. It's a statue they have in the upstairs bar lounge:

These are all various shots around Downtown Atlanta:

Pumpkin season... :

My parents cat, Fred:

and a couple of self portraits for my 365 Photo a Day Project:

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