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In the Garden of Patience

battling a case of the never-ending mondays this week.
and just am fighting with myself about if i'm wasting my time (and money) making all this stuff that is taking up tons of room in my studio and kitchen. Canvas, paper, photos and paint stare at me in the face, almost mocking me, taunting me ... what are you doing with us they shout.

I look at these out of the corner of my eye and fight myself not to grab them and throw them out. Perhaps i need to take a break for a moment ... it is not "art" if it makes me feel like fucking shit, right?

Had a discussion with a fellow artist earlier today.
I asked if one can create art without confidence in themselves.
She said yes. Confidence is an emotion. Art is an action.
But art is made with emotion i said
And she asked whats the difference between a person who wants to make art and an artist? The desire is not the action.

Happy & Peaceful . . . exploration in texture and fortune

I got so much done this weekend.
It feels so so good.
I'm in a groove and need to hold on for as long as it will have me.

This sleeping angel is just so inspirational to me.
I'm not entirely sure why.
Perhaps its the innocence.
The peace.
The melancholy.

There's alot of subtle texture on this background. All done with Golden Mediums - no wax. Just some molding paste and matte fluid.

and, of course, buttons.

On sale at my Etsy now!

Hipstamatic Photos on Etsy

Another hurdle jumped. Finally posted some Hipstamatic photos on Etsy for sale. I'm curious and nausues to see if they sell. The market is so oversaturated with photography but i really believe in the seven images i printed and am selling as being a little bit different, a little bit unique. And i got them printed on this metallic paper that gives them this crazy depth and color like nothing i've seen before.

Like everything else, we'll see how it goes...

Check them out here!

Heart Collection ... exploration in texture

The heart collection . . .

With these i was exploring texture and color along with the use of the a little word made out of beads. They're 5" x 7" and made with acrylic paint, Golden mediums and wax.




On sale now at my etsy store!
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nothing is impossible - explorations in texture and fortune

This is a sweet little mixed media piece i just did.
It's 6" x 6", so really it seems little...
The photo is from a statue at The High Museum of Art - i just love the color gradations and the shadows and how innocent the little girl looks. It uses a lens/film combo i generally don't use because i've been so attracted to saturated photos lately but sometimes saturation is just not called for...

I was also super excited to find a page in this old (i mean from 1860 old) book i recently got at a garage sale that had the perfect text for what i was trying to convey! Love it when that happens.

And continuing on with my trend of using fortune cookie fortunes i found a sweet message to cap it off.

it's available at my etsy store for sale :)

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Just found this photo as i was cleaning off my iPhone - must've had at least 100 photos of sunflowers. And it's always so hard to pick and choose the "best" because, really, who's to say what is the "best"? At the time i didnt think this was worth saving but good thing the Hipstamatic app did.

Other than a photo being in focus and cropped correctly, who's to say the same photo would elicit the same emotion in two different people...? and so it goes on and on as i dive deeper into this thing called selling my "art"

(and yes i still can't use that word to descibe what i create)

I just ordered about 80 prints of a dozen Hipstamatic photos - spending a small fortune since i'm getting them done all classy-like on professional paper with a metallic finish in different sizes. God i hope i can at least make my money back (if not a little extra).

Must be my hormones talking but all of the sudden last night the thought popped into my head "nothing is original, nothing is unique, why the fuck would someone waste money on your shit" oh well ... chalk it up to aunt flo.

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