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Walk It Out

I tried to make this layout look like some of the places I've been walking in downtown Atlanta.
Which is why I also included some pictures of the background before the pictures went on.
I think it looks really cool - beautifully trashy and dark. :)
And it was actually fun to take pictures of myself walking home after work!

Journalling reads:
I have found a new love: walking. Especially living in a city so dependent on cars and trapped in traffic. I love the exercise. It slows me down and inspires me. i see so much more. I see humanity - struggle and joy. The beauty in concrete, flowers and rain. Walking helps me digest, recharge & reconnect.
"If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. 
Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk." - R. Inmon

DCWV All Dressed Up Polka Dot paper
Tissue Paper applied with dirty water I've been using to clean my brushes and mod podge.
Net/mesh fabric
Glimmer Mist Black Cherry
Basic Grey Obscure Paper
Tinkering Ink Blue paper
Bubble Wrap with acrylic paint stamping
Packaging tape where the journalling is
American Crafts Alphabet stickers
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Tattoo Mini Book!

Here is my mini-book I did over xmas.
It turned out beautiful, if I can say so myself!
In person it's very dramatic and textural which, of course, i love.
Here are some pictures, but all 18 pics can be found here.

buttons are from my mom's antique collection

Almost every material used I got at The Scrapbox in Ann Arbor! So it's all made from "trash" and repurposed material (kinda like me)!
- pages were die cut matte board from frames
- circle around pictures and journalling are painted gaskets
- Queen & Co felt ribbon (not from scrapbox)
- Binding is electrical wire wrapped with ribbon and antique buttons
- Netting and Mesh
- Miscellaneous Ribbons with ink and Glimmer Mist
- Acrylic Paint and Glimmer Mist
- Elmers Glue (for texture)
- Orange Glitter Glue

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Many Faces

a scrapbook page(s) using photobooth pictures.

I've been in such a creative slump lately so I did what Ali Edwards suggested in her new book - comfort scrapbooking. Just did something with a lot of repetitivity and not much need for brain juices to be on overdrive but have a finished product.

What's funny is this is one of the most simplest layouts i've done in years - but took the longest - cutting over 200 pictures! Not to mention getting them print ready in photoshop.


Another "comfort" layout.
Just a bunch of shit i threw together on a page trying to get my mojo back.

The background is a paper towel i've been using to wipe off my brushes.

On my birthday I was all depressed so what you can see are the positive things I was trying to tell myself, and the hidden piece under the red mesh (as seen in second picture opened up) has what I was actually thinking.

The lyrics are from a Depeche Mode song I am obsessed with: Home.

Birthday Card

Birthday card for my aunt's 60th birthday

Actual size is 6"x6"

This is a true found object scrap page - i found the light switch cover on the road while walking the dog this morning! And it was already distressed - i just helped it along a little with some sepia ink smudges. And the stripes in the background are from a cut up wallpaper sample i found :)

OLW : Live

One Little Word challenge this last week was the word "Live".

This was a quick layout - more simple than it may look.
I have been feeling so uninspired and uncreative this last week (probably due to work) so i forced myself to do this. Not entirely happy with the results, but they all can't be winners.

God Bless Photobooth :D
Background Paper: Basic Grey Obscure Collection
Tansparency from my printer
Queen & Co. felt swirls
Bottle Cap embellishment I made
Stickers from ???
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Did That Hurt?

Challenge layout from Inked Scrapbookers about your common answer to FAQs about your tattoos.

I SO hand sewed this picture on - love the effect, was a pain in the booty to do.

Lots of layers on this layout. Used hella Glimmer Mist on everything - background, ribbons, rubber circle, journal paper....

Background Paper - DCWV All Dressed Up
Glitter Glue
Queen and Co Felt Swirls
Mesh fabric
Ribbons (with Ink and Glimmer Mist) and Buttons
Circle is a Rubber Gasket I inked and used 3D ink on
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So, i had a little set back with my diet and i was feeling kinda bad.
AND because i had family in town for 4 days I didn't have a chance to scrapbook at all and i swear to god i felt withdrawals from that!!
Anyways, instead of continuing to whine on my couch i decided to make a page about it and it totally cheered me up!!

No plan, i just grabbed my favorite color acrylics and textures.

I didn't realize until today how much this craft fulfills and feeds my soul!

I love how using textured cardstock and lightly applied acrylic creates a canvas texture.

DCWV Metallic Stack - Nightlife with Acrylic Paint
Glimmer Mist - Black Cherry
Bam Pop Frame
Queen & Co Felt (and the backer of the felt painted)
Assorted ribbon, yarn and buttons
Chipboard and alphabet stickers

OLW : Full

For the One Little Word challenge: Full.

The background paper is a piece of cardstock I've been using as a pallette for the last month or so - i thought this challenge a perfect use for all the paint, glimmer mist and ink that's accumulated on it!

yeah - paper AND tulle flowers!!
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My Story : Tattoos

From Challenge #2 over at inked scrapbookers


Once upon a time there lived a chick who lived to create, dance and sing - "free spirit" was her ultimate compliment. One of her greatest fears was to live an ordinary existance. For no other reason than to make herself feel better, one day she got her first tattoo. So addictive was the experience that one turned into eleven (and counting...)

My tattoos are my story. They make me feel proud, strong, sexy and confident - anything but ordinary! They don't define who I am, but they are a personal retrospective, each with their own story, each unique - just like me.

Background Paper - DCWV All Dressed Up stamped with bubble wrap/acrylic paint and Glimmer Mist
Net Fabric
Corrugated Cardboard
Foam letters

Scrap Naked

For Challenge #1 over at the Scrap Naked Challenge Blog!!
Check us out and play along!!!

I just got Photo Booth on my Mac and that is the inspiration of this layout (as well as the reason i scrap naked)!

Background Paper: Basic Grey Obscure (sprayed with Glimmer Mist)
Corrugated Cardboard

OLW : Simple Delight

For the One Little Word challenge.
I couldn't get good photos of this one, but I already have it framed and on my wall :)

I played with a lot of different texture and mixed color to try and replicate the Delight that mother nature gives me in her own creations. This is also one of the more simpler layouts I've done in awhile hence the title. All the pictures I have taken in the last month or so.

Background & Rectangle is Elmers Glue and acrylic paint Lettering: Autumn Leaves Stamps with acrylic paint
Mesh fabric, dried flowers, tissue paper flower

My First Tattoo

Attempting to catch up on the challenges over at inked scrapbookers

Fonts: Pea Jessi, Pea Lacy Chunky

Lots of texture on this one!

DCWV All Dressed Up Paper
Corrugated cardboard
Buttons, Net Fabric Bubble Wrap, Ribbon, Making Memories flowers, Wire
Paint, Ink and Black Cherry Glimmer Mist

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Dail Card box

I made this box to house all of my recent daily journal cards. The template for the box can be found at Crafttvweekly.com.

The word brads on the spine have been something I've been holding onto for about 2 years. I love them so much. This box, well the contents, are perfectly described by each word so I took them out of their packaging and put them on there.

The journal cards (past, present and future) can all be found here.

Box Materials:
DCWV All Dressed Up Paper
Acrylic Paint & Stamp Ink & Glimmer Mist Black Cherry
Bottle Cap embellishment I made
Heart frame from secondhand shop for $1
Pink Heart from Maya Road
Dymo, Buttons and Net Fabric

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