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It's the Sun: LJ Challenge

This layout I did for the LiveJournal Group Scrapbookers September Challenge. It was to lift a non-scrapbook page.

Left side:

Right Side:


I wasn't going to do this at first because the last couple of weeks I've really been getting into experimenting and doing my own thing, and i thought being confined by someone elses design was not what i wanted right now, but I came across these pictures I had taken almost 10 years ago of a sunrise and thought to myself "i want to scraplift the sunrise!"
I don't think i did it justice, but I had fun playing.

So the background is supposed to be the sunrise (taken from the photos at the bottom) done with tissue paper, acrylic paint and scrapbook paper.

OLW : Perfect

My challenge entry for http://onelittleword.typepad.com Perfect word.
I kinda went the other way with the word - making a not classicly perfect layout, make it look rather deconstructed and fragmented, if that makes sense. But i love it - i just look at it and see things i don't even remember doing! all the different layers and materials/textures created something perfect to me :)

Tissue Paper
Acrylic Paint
Bubblewrap and stamp ink
Net fabric
Corrugated Paper
Packaging Tape Image Transfer
Foam Letters
Ribbon and Button


somehow i lost 2 pounds this week. my eyes nearly popped out of their socket when the scale stopped on 155. I'm back baby, I'm BACK!

More experimenting with tissue paper, acrylic paint & bubble wrap stamping.


This was my horoscope for the day. I thought it was profound and inspiring!
I love this card - more experimenting with tissue and acrylic, but also i did package tape transfer with the text and sandwiched wet paint between the paper and the tape!
My other 2 current favorite embellishments are the net fabric and eucaplyptic leaves.


"Who knew fitting into a size 14 for the first time this millenium would feel this exhilirating? Not me ... but i do now!"

I am soooooo loving this knew tissue paper with acrylic paint thing!

thisisme: Dream Out Loud

My favorite quote for the thisisme "favorite quote" challenge:

"Dream of the world you want to live in,
Dream out loud, at high volume." - Bono

This layout was 100% inspired by this by prairieWillow

I loved doing it! It's 4 layers of scraps, tissue paper, netting, euclayptus leaves, acrylic paint, ribbon and wire.

Category Challenge: Favorite Body Parts

My entry for the www.categorystories.blogspot.com challenge: favorite body part. My eyes :)

"I love my eyes and my eyebrows.
Both are perfect shapes.
I've been asked if i want my brows waxed and I always say hell no!
My eyes sparkle, get cloudy, get confused, get happy. They notice things other people's don't."

"You watch me. You watch me watching you."
From the Fischerspooner song 'LA Song"


First card in a series for the thisisme.blogspot.com "Fear" challenge (yes, i have a lot of fears).
I made this tonight after reading about someone's chi dying in a freak accident and got so scared for my own chi.

"If you had told me four years ago i could love something this much i wouldn't have believed you....i love my baby girl so much it scares me."


Today @ kickboxing class I realized the illusion i was kicking and punching was the old me.
The out of shape
blob of a woman

My Muse Secret

Another challenge layout for the http://www.thisismejournal.blogspot.com Secret Challenge!


"My Muse Secret:

In Louisville, the last show I saw on my mini-Muse tour in 2005, I snuck my way backstage in the early afternoon. I think the crew had seen me around enough that no one said anything to me.

I went into a room that had the catering set up, a pool table, couches and a wardrobe trunk. As I stood there trying to get up the nerve to do what I had been wanting to do all week, both Tom Kirk and Dom Anderson (tour and media managers) walked into the room to get some snacks. They said "oh, hi lara" like it wasn't weird or rather illegal for me to be there. Cool as a cucumber i challenged Tom to a game of pool which he politely took a raincheck on and they then left me all alone.

With the wardrobe trunk.

I went over and discovered it cracked open. in slow motion i pawed Matthews shirts and pants. Then I leaned in ... and took a big sniff. Much to my surprise, and admitted disappointment, they smelled freshly cleaned. I shut the trunk door and slowly backed away.

Just then Dom, followed by Chris, passed through the room on their way to the stage. Neither acknowledged me and I realized I was horribly embarrassed and invading their space and private time. I then left and got back in line with my muse friends and never said anything about what had just happened."

My Commute

Finally completed the http://www.thisismejournal.blogspot.com challenge for "My drive to work" which I renamed "My Commute."

"Even though by car it would take only 10-15 minutes to drive to work, I choose to take MARTA. I get off at Five Points and walk the extra 15 minutes to and from work. It's good exercise but also inspiring and relaxing and always puts a smile on my face. I love the tall buildings and men playing chess or napping. The morning is quiet and sometimes mother nature paints a gorgeous sunrise behind the skyscrapers. The exercise makes me giggly and wakes me up in the morning and chills me out after work. I love it and feel so much more relaxed than when I used to drive to work!"

-Background Paper: Basic Grey Obscure "Diffident"
-Pictures I took walking to work in the morning and afternoon (hence streetlights and sun) that i cut out
-made my own "walk" stencil and used stamp ink
- last months MARTA pass
-Brads and eyelets


"If you take the Peachtree Center MARTA escalator twice a day, and stand, it takes about 5 mintutes each way.
That's 10 minutes a day.
Or 50 minutes a week.
Standing. Doing nothing but watching life pass you by.
I prefer to walk up and down. People very rudely say behind my back: "what's her hurry?"
Just once, one of these days, I'll tell them not only is it good exercise, but it's almost an hour a week I have free more than you.


"I only lost 1 pound this week
So i must remember the BIG picture
--> 17 pounds lost in 8 weeks
--> I need to drop my cholesterol
--> I love walking and dancing now
I look fabulous"

charo in pink

I had this portrait of Charo done a couple of months ago (http://www.myspace.com/tinypawsart) and have been looking for the right paper and time to scrapbook it the way it deserves! I found this pink paw paper yesterday at my local scrapbook store. The layout looks really cool because there are 3 different levels and couple of different textures.


"My favorite picture of Charo as immortilized by Becca from Tiny Paws. I took this photo as i was leaving for the airport on 12/05 so i would have a picture of her to look at as i was going to be away for 5 days. I love the way she's looking at me like "mama, i know you're leaving me, please don't go." Everytime i leave her, even if only for a couple of hours, i get that look and it breaks my heart. But then I come home and she's wagging her tail so hard she knocks herself over. If I had a tail, I'm sure I'd do the same!"

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