Posted by : lara 9.08.2007

Another challenge layout for the Secret Challenge!


"My Muse Secret:

In Louisville, the last show I saw on my mini-Muse tour in 2005, I snuck my way backstage in the early afternoon. I think the crew had seen me around enough that no one said anything to me.

I went into a room that had the catering set up, a pool table, couches and a wardrobe trunk. As I stood there trying to get up the nerve to do what I had been wanting to do all week, both Tom Kirk and Dom Anderson (tour and media managers) walked into the room to get some snacks. They said "oh, hi lara" like it wasn't weird or rather illegal for me to be there. Cool as a cucumber i challenged Tom to a game of pool which he politely took a raincheck on and they then left me all alone.

With the wardrobe trunk.

I went over and discovered it cracked open. in slow motion i pawed Matthews shirts and pants. Then I leaned in ... and took a big sniff. Much to my surprise, and admitted disappointment, they smelled freshly cleaned. I shut the trunk door and slowly backed away.

Just then Dom, followed by Chris, passed through the room on their way to the stage. Neither acknowledged me and I realized I was horribly embarrassed and invading their space and private time. I then left and got back in line with my muse friends and never said anything about what had just happened."

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