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Joy & Love - The Creative Type

Here's my layout for The Creative Type's first prompt ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of this blog because i'm such a font whore.

The challenge is to create a concert poster featuring, duh, type!

I have been wanting to do a monochromatic layout for some time now since discovering the joys of duct tape and the neon colors they come in. So, this layout is very much inspired by those simple screen printed concert posters of yesterday - the white paint trying to capture the sometimes sloppy edges left by the screen and excess paint.

You can't tell to well, I think, but the photographs are halftoned just like a real screen printed photo would appear :)

OK, now the font. Its a font I discovered a couple of weeks ago called Ogive Curvature and i recreated it with chipboard circles i cut and painted. Not too shabby.
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Be Curious: Gutter Girls GDT

Today the new Gutter Girlz prompt is announced and it is "Blabbermouth" and in addition use the supply of duct tape. DUCT TAPE!!!! MY FAVORITE!!!!

Anyways, this is my last layout as Guest Designer which sucks but the layout was so much fun - I used hella duct tape as well as a new inspirational quote I found!!!!!

So the photo is another "hybrid" attempt - filtered and effected in photoshop. I think it turned out quite lovely actually :) I also added additional black acrylic paint on it as well as crumpled it to bring it from 2D to 3D. Cause i think the most important thing to me in my layouts is texture and dimension, I've decided!

I took the topic, and thus the journalling, on a more personal level - i frustrate myself sometimes with how much I can be a blabber mouth about other people. I found this awesome quote online somewhere and it really resonated - and i found it almost the same exact day I was given this challenge so I think it worked out well - I think everyone could benefit from exploring ideas and asking questions about why things are and what they could be, rather than reading gossip, throwing out negative emotions from jealousy or envy and thinking mindlessly and closed rather than open and focused. It's definately a goal of mind which I'm sure I'll be working on my entire life!!!

The background is a piece of cardboard i've been using as a paint palette for weeks now. I have 3 such "palettes" but this one looked especailly ready to be put in a layout - so its already got a ton of history on it! Although I did doctor it up a little with some drippy white Gesso and bubble wrap stamped paint.

By the way, this is the back side of the layout - I thought it also deserved a little attention :)
Believe me, it was hard to choose which side would make a better base!!!

OK, so obviously I covered the edges with 3 different colors of duct tape to make a frame for the whole piece then used crumpled up black duct tape to make the inside of the frame. Also nestled some lace with it - why is duct tape and lace so perfect together? Sweet and Spicy? And there are some other various scraps of Hambly overlay and ribbon and screen thrown in here and there for added surprise.

I <3 br="" brads="" company="" fabric="" k="" the="">

So my favoritist part is these duct tape flowers i learned how to make! The possibiities are endless and I can't wait to experiment even more! Thanks for the inspiration Gutter Girlz!
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