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Art Journal Beginnings 2013

i started a new art journal a couple of weeks ago.
Here are some of the first pages.


I'm definitely trying to re-engage that part of my brain that isn't afraid to make mistakes.
Sometimes it hurts more than others...
This first page was made with using only things found on my work desk at that moment. I've been having alot of "getting back into it" challenges so i thought instead of being overwhelmed by ALL the possibilities, to just grab what was in front of me and throw it down.

I've been drinking alot of "yogi" tea lately which prints these "words of wisdom" on the tea bag tags and i save those along with the fortune cookie fortunes i already have a pile of.
The burlap heart was made for Bono's birthday card but i decided not to use it (obviously)


This is another "and the kitchen sink" page with things laying around. Again, the lace heart was a thought for Bono's card that got put aside. I also learned how awesome lace doilies take glimmer mist :)

This one i went to my "scrap bag" for pieces.
In attempting to get myself back into art journalling and even scrapbooking, i spent a couple of weeks going through the four giant totes of scraps and ephemera i had been just throwing things into and making scrap bags with 12"x12" ziplock bags. So now the thought is, i can just grab a bag and hopefully find some inspiration sifting through it.

And ya, it almost hurts my eyes to look at this page! But pink and yellow are one of my favorite color combos regardless.

And then finally:

I created the background using some new techniques i found on pinterest including using rubbing alcohol and sandpaper. I think it turned out AWESOME. The photo is my favorite one i took from the africa trip last month. It's very compelling to me and just always makes me think deep thoughts no matter how often i look at it.

So yeah, none of this is my best work by far, but it's all a part of the process. Gotta re-exercise the creative muscles and get back into a groove but at least i'm taking the first steps which are always the hardest!
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