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Kaboom - Art Journal

My first art journal page of the year - inspired by the first prompt of 2012 from Year in the Life of An Art Journal

THE PROMPT: Word - choose one word that embodies the way you want your year to be LIVED.
THE STUFF: Imagery - create the FEELING of the word you choose.

I found this photo of Madonna in the gym, i would guess late 80s, two weeks ago and have become OBSESSED with it. I literally have it EVERYWHERE i inhabit - three rooms at home, work cubicle and computer, iphone - it just inspires me in a weird way and really illustrates how i'm living my life right now - trying to grab it by its balls and make it my bitch.

The word Kaboom i have had a long relationship with since i first heard a lyric by the Smashing Pumpkins: "In the eyes of the jackyl i say Kaboom" - which somewhere i have a scrapbook page about.
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Bono and I Frame Canvas

After three months I'm calling the 18" x 22" canvas/frame thing DONE!
I wanted to make an appropriate piece to show off this much coveted photo of Bono and I from July. (If you would like to read how i presented Bono with a birthday card story go here)

The background is layers and layers and layers and layers of acrylic paint, stamp ink and candle wax - so it smells good too :) I've become somewhat obsessed with collecting empty wood frames recently - you wouldn't believe how many people throw them out! Or offer them for 50¢ at a garage sale! So, all three frames I used are covered in paint and ink - that bottom one i mixed the paint with crackle glue to give it a little more of a worn look. They're both glued on tight, but i love the look of duct tape so i still put the tape on more as decoration.

Wow, i love the texture of this, i have to admit! I've become enamoured with Golden Mediums the last year - used here is both Coarse Pumice Gel and Extra Course Pumice Gel mixed with Acrylic Paint to add the texture - since they're adhesives i could easily embed seed beeds and fun things in it.

I wanted to carry over some of the design i used on the card i actually gave to bono, hence all the buttons and beads. I used Molding Paste mixed with acrylic paint to adhere them.

Bono's Card:

Lastly, i always like to add my favorite phrase in the whole entire world, one that bono sings in many songs - Dream Out Loud. It looks so super cool hanging on my living room wall!!!

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