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Archive for February 2014

SNOW DAY in Atlanta

It appears to happen every three years or so - Atlanta gets snow and ice for one or two days before the temperature rises back into the 50s and it all melts.

This is my backyard all magical looking around 8:15am. I am so happy i woke up early that morning so I could see this! By 10am it had all melted away.

Those are bamboo trees in the back which usually stand so tall the obscure the building behind them. The weight of the ice bent them over into bushes.

During the summer when all the trees are full of leaves and the kudzu has grown over everything it's a different kind of magical. Especially in June and July when the fireflies are out and the whole area literally looks like a christmas tree full of sparkling lights.

One of my giant metal sunflowers...

And another flower...

Art Journal Pages - A little bit of this and that

 This is for a prompt from A Year in the Life of an Art Journal blog using a U2 lyric. The prompt was to draw lips, however, i'm a horrible horrible drawer and at first that was blocking me from doing anything so i decided to just do what i know and use collage so as to not to stress out over it. The background had been created at some point as i was testing some new spray colors i had made. Never let anything go to waste is my motto!


 Some vertical layouts that are all over the place when put together as a collection! WOW. And look at all the found objects thanks to Gauche Alchemy i was able to work in!  hahaha

I love this magazine illustration, i've been coveting it for awhile now and finally just slapped it on down. The background was made with vaseline and acrylic paint and i discovered something so cool it gave me the giggles - put the stencil over the vaseline then when the paint dries you can move the little bits around!!!!!! OEMGEEEE.


 I've also been experimenting with my neeeeeew sewing machine which i'm obviously still trying to get the hang of. But isnt that what an art journal is for?

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