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OMGosh - i can't believe it's the last day of August!

Daily Card Journal:

The perfect day off:
10am - Wake Up
10-Noon - web surf, talk with Sarah and parents, play with doggies
Noon-3: Scrapbook with this cool DCWV paper I got yesterday!
3 - Cuddle and take semi-nap with doggies
4 - Scrapbook More!!


Another in the series of my diet introspective :)

08.30.07 --> 7 weeks and 17 pounds!
Today I realized I no longer pop ibuprofen and Tums like candy. I don't grunt when I stand up. I LOVE to walk and I feel like my smile is now real.


Homage to one of my all-time favorite bands, Beastie Boys. I saw them on TV today, and hadn't thought about them in awhile so I thought that merited a card :)

Today I saw the Beastie Boys on TV and audibly squeeled like it was 1992. They, well Yauch, put me on a life path of spirituality and joy like no other.

lots of acrylic paint,
Dymo labels
packaging tape transfer
lyrics from one of my favorite B-Boy songs, Namaste:

And then a voice spoke in my head
And she said dark is not the opposite of light
It's the absence of light
And I thought to myself
She knows what she's talking about
And for a moment I knew
What it was all about.

Muse in Boston 12"x12" LO

Might have as well made this a daily card for august 11 if i were doing the cards back then.
instead a 12"x12" layout that i think rocks almost as hard as muse.

Don't Waste Your Time or Time Will Waste You...
- Muse in Boston 08/11/07

This was my 16th Muse show and although it wasn't their best, I was still reminded that through the fear of death and destruction, there's always hope for a mind full of peace and joy, to be your best because the time is now, and most importantly that tonight we can truly say together we're Invincible.


My journaling:
I've been on such a creative high it only makes sense I need to chill and experiment with what I've learned. Can't get to the future without experiencing the present.

today's horoscope put it perfectly.

Acrylic paint.
Ink with Fancy Pants stamps,
bottle cap embellishment made with Diamond Glaze (yes that's a picture of Marilyn in it)
scraps of paper and buttons


it's not a card, but an important step in my evolution as a scrap-artist.
yeah, that's what i said, scrap-artist.

12"x12" layout.
probably the most personal and inspired one i've ever made.

closer look:

"It's all a balancing act. calories in. calories out.
calories are just a measurement of energy.
they're NOT an emotion. it's science and math.
i have been conditioned psychologically to think of calories as a dirty naughty word and anything regarding calories entering my system as shameful and embarrassing.
i need the energy calories give me, but not in excess, and when i do happen to ingest more than what my body needs, well, it's just math NOT a persecution of my willpower, just get up and move NOT sit on the couch and whine about it."


"Today I almost bought my first art history book about Collage. I have decided I have found my niche. Then I got sad thinking I may be too old to study it, then I decided I didn't need to study it, I just need to do it!"

Used my brand new just out of the package Bampop stamps!! Yea!
And I probably would've bought the book anyways had it not been $40.

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