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Archive for February 2015

Art Journal - Growth and Motivation

Art Journal - Journallie!

A couple of recent art journal pages ... appears i've been doing alot of self reflection about my health the last couple of months!!

This is a rarity in my art journal - rarely do i write out words like this but i just needed to get it down like a diary cause images may not remind me in the years to come all the things i wanted to say!

Seems like such a "plain" page for me even though there are several layers of paint and stencils and ink!

Art Journal - No Excuse

This one is a particularly smelly one, and although the look of nail polish splattered on a page looks pretty darn awesome, the after smell is pretty rank and doesnt really seem to go away... note to self!!!

Art Journal - Journey

I had no idea what this was going to be as i was adding elements until somehow these certain word strips just kind of came to the top of the pile. I realized what a journey the last couple of years have been. pretty unpredictable, very educational... for some reason this page really makes me think of the Chemical Brothers song "The Golden Path"

"As I walked along
The supposed golden path
I was trembling with fear
Oh, the lions and the wizards yet to come

I seen in the distance
Silver mountains rising high in the clouds
And a voice from above did whisper
Some shining answer from the moon"

Art Journal - Decide

Just some words of inspiration found on pinterest and taken to heart to get my ass moving!
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