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OLW : Believe Challenge

This was a really hard word until I got news I had reached a major health goal that I have changed my life to reach.

One of the most challenging things I have ever done is learn to believe in myself - learn that only I control my life - past, present and future. I control what I eat. Whether I stand still or walk. I control whether I have time for my art. By believing I could change my habits I did. If I had failed it would be all me, but having successes I take pride knowing I'm happy & healthy!

Background Paper - Me & My Big Ideas
Word - DCWV All Dressed Up paper (hand cut, i need a wishblade!)
Gold Eye - I made with matte board, acrylic paint and Elmers Glue
Tissue Paper, Net fabric and buttons with acrylic paint

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Sis Life Artist Challenge

I've been looking so hard to find a purpose to scrapbook. I've been stressing out about fitting in and not - to the craft community, to the art community. However it is labeled, this art brings a peace to me. For a couple of hours a week the world outside my studio doesn't exist and all there is in my world is some paper and glue, some pictures that make me smile, some good music and just a woman, me, floating in time.

Sometimes I look at my layouts and even if they're a big hot mess of paper, there's always a small peice that excites my senses. For that still moment in time, and for the moment next year or in 20 years when I look at them again, I will remember when the only thing on my mind is creating an art that I like, that tells my story, that expresses emotion I can't express any other way, I will remember exactly why in October 2007 I had to create. My life is this art, this art is my life.

Tissue Paper
Net Fabric
Bottle Cap
Glitter Glue
A 25¢ pin I found at a garage sale

Beastie Boys LO

Beastie Boys layout from a SiS Challenge:

This inspirational challenge was to have hand written journaling on a page - but it had to be hand written journaling by someone else! Immediately these postcards popped into my head - I've been carrying them around since 1994 not knowing what to do with them ... until now!!!

I didn't want to glue them so i made the pouch :)
And I couldn't get good shots because of the transparency glare.
This looks soooooo much better in person, the pictures are disappointing.

“I give thanks for inspiration ... it guides my mind along the way...”

Check Your Head changed my life. It's probably one of the only things I can say that about. It made me, well, check my head. Liscense to Ill and Paul's Boutique were party soundtracks, but CYH i really listened to and internalized. It made me inquisitive about the world. It made me want to be a better person. It made me search for spirituality and although I couldn't find it in organized religion, i found it in BeastieBoyism, as i liked to call it, and more important, find myself. CYH, and subsequently Ill Communication, became my guides and Adam Yauch a spiritual leader. I dreamed about conversations with him, constantly, and started writing him fan letters. He must've seen some sort of passion and searching, because he wrote back not once but three times! Although I don't listen to their music much any more, my CYH tattoo and the foundation these records gave me still guide my life.

“They know what they're talking about ... And for a moment I know What it was all about. Namaste.”


Mike D

Basic Gray Obscure PP
Transparency (inkjetted)
Net material
Bubble wrap with ink
Foam Letters with acrylic
Bottle Cap embellishment
Tissue Paper

Adam Yauch


I lost 2.5 pounds this last week bringing my grand total to 27 pounds lost!
I'm also at 150 lbs which was my original goal weight.
I want to try and lose 10 more.
Then I'll be back to college weight circa 1993!

InkedScrapbookers: Challenge #3

Done for a challenge from inkedscrapbookers to scrap a layout about reactions to your tattoos.

I've had tatts for 14 years and have never even documented them in pictures more or less journal about them! I'm SO happy I found this blog for inspiration. I can't wait to do the other challenges!

Basic Grey Obscure PP
Net Material
Black Ink
Ribbon and Button and Eyelets
Bubble Wrap stamp with Acrylic Paint

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SiS Color Challenge

This challenge was to use every color of the rainbow on a layout.
Using all this color made my gray day a little brighter.
What a great idea for the future when i'm feeling a little down!

And I've been wanting to document the materials I am currently obsessed with for a couple of weeks so this was good inspo for that!

These things are the things inspiring me right now. They enable me to express whats's in my head through my hands and onto this canvas. I'm loving texture and color and playing and creating and exploring and expressing myself visually.
-10/13/07 as i listen to Regina Spektor on a Saturday night.

Materials Used:
Bubble Wrap (both as stamp and as a photo matte)
Buttons and wire
Foam Lettering
Net Fabric

Sistv Gigi Challenge

This layout is for a challenge from www.scrapinstyletv.com
To scrapbook a layout using a song lyric.

My favorite band right now is !!! (Chk Chk Chk).
This song, Infinifold, haunts me.

you can scream and you can yell
you can bitch about the cards your dealt
but you'll feel it till the feeling's felt

cuz everything's been built on guesses
no guarantees of what the next is
time never pushes, it only presses

And no one talked the whole way home
everybody just stared at the road
and i rolled down my window
and leaned out leaned out
and watched the lights

And I can't believe it took me this long to figure out what to do with the bubble wrap i've already used for stamping! Duh!

Tissue Paper
Mesh Material
Acrylic Paint
Bubble Wrap
Basic Grey Obscure PP scraps

OLW Challenge: Gone

My entry for the OneLittleWord "Gone" Challenge

"Gone but not Forgotten - My favorite jeans."
Oh my it hurt to cut these up, but it had to be done!

Foam Letters with paint and glitter
Bottle Cap Embellishments made with key pieces of the jeans
Net Material
Tissue Paper
More Paint
Buttons and Ribbons and Wire

SiStv Book Challenge #1: Fierce!

I am a child of the 80s and used to frequent gay dance clubs so "lookin' fierce" was the first phrase that jumped into my mind when i read this challenge to use the word Fierce in a layout.

AND i finally got to start scrapbooking some of my old high school/early college photos!
AND can i just say I have the best mom ever who used to insist on taking pictures of me before i left the house saying "some day I'll want to show my grandkids what I looked like"

DCWV All Dressed Up Paper
I used a lot of scrap paper layered with tissue paper, net material and some acrylic paint for the background
various scrap ribbon and buttons
glitter glue

Polyphonic Spree LO

I want to run away and join the Polyphonic Spree choir! This band is bliss & joy; pain & sorrow; peace & love; Light & Day. Their music shines when I listen to them. I shine. To experience the Electric Show live is euphoric, passionate, joyous and spiritual. Simply: It's the sun.

I love this layout -I think it may be one of the most beautiful I've ever done. I'd been planning it for about 2 months but of course it turned out almost nothing like i planned! :D

All I know is I wanted to mimic the postcard from the show but with lots of texture. And to make it, of course, shine like the band's music.

DCWV All Dressed Up PP
Tissue Paper
Bubble Wrap texture
Acrylic Paint
Bottle Cap embellishment I made
Foam letters

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