Posted by : lara 10.21.2007

I've been looking so hard to find a purpose to scrapbook. I've been stressing out about fitting in and not - to the craft community, to the art community. However it is labeled, this art brings a peace to me. For a couple of hours a week the world outside my studio doesn't exist and all there is in my world is some paper and glue, some pictures that make me smile, some good music and just a woman, me, floating in time.

Sometimes I look at my layouts and even if they're a big hot mess of paper, there's always a small peice that excites my senses. For that still moment in time, and for the moment next year or in 20 years when I look at them again, I will remember when the only thing on my mind is creating an art that I like, that tells my story, that expresses emotion I can't express any other way, I will remember exactly why in October 2007 I had to create. My life is this art, this art is my life.

Tissue Paper
Net Fabric
Bottle Cap
Glitter Glue
A 25¢ pin I found at a garage sale

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