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Southern Roadtrip

This weekend i went on a short road trip and took the "hipstamatic" with me.
But, really when is it NOT with me!
Anyways, the trip had a huge variety of experiences - an amazing juxtaposition of environment.

Started out in Pigeon Forge, TN - home to Dolly Parton and all things Smoky Mountain gaudy. I didnt get too many photos here, except for these country-centric tastes,
Ornate Dulcimers:

We then drove through the mountains to North Carolina:

Stopped at a grocery store for some provisions and had to capture the frog parade with the freshly downloaded new film pak - Big Up Film and Watts Lens (which as you'll see from here on out I'm rather obsessed with):

OK... so we were driving by Asheville deciding whether to stop or not and then saw a bunch of graffitti from the road so had to make a diversion towards finding it. And i'm so glad we did! It was delicious. And not only that it was in the River Arts District which i've heard about from my arty friends on Social Media websites and was interested in checking out anyways. So it was completely fortuitous!!!

and some of the graffiti up close. i hate not being able to list artist names, but i still find these completely inspirational and wanted to share:

There was a dilapidated old factory building by the train tracks that people had tagged in different ways. I was too apprehensive to enter (plus i was wearing sandals and there was pools of water and debris everywhere) but my friend went in and took all sorts of intriguing photos:

So, then we leave the land of humans modifying human made structures to be more beautiful and go to the land where mother nature is the artist in N. Carolina.

Table Mountain from afar:

Brown Mountain from afar:

Then we went hiking and climbing to Linville Falls. At the top over and overlook:

Some pretty mountain flowers. The pink faux tape is a product of the Big Up Film - love how it matches:

Sun rays over some rocks:

Resting at the base of the Linville Falls:

And, finally, the sunset in Morganton, NC:

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Hipstamatic Photos Volume 5

feel like it's about time for another Hipstamatic post...
straight outta the iPhone baby:


Good Old Nature and a little bit of grunge:

Some inanimate objects:

Live Music:


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