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art journal: cry.

art journal page - cry.

for my art journal, prompt from oneyearartjournal.blogspot.com. The actual prompt is "tears" but i took it to "cry" after i finished the page and stared at it. It's my first page really experimenting with all my new acrylic paint mediums...

macro of cry art journal

Mediums/Gels used are from Golden: Pumice Gel, Clear Tar Gel, Heavy Molding Paste

macro of cry art journal
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Be with Ouchless Cardboard!


Once a month, Gauche Alchemy has a theme day where the design team plays with the same theme or supplies to show all the various ways they can be used. This month we played with Ouchless Cardboard, one of my favorite materials to make all sorts of textural things with.

But, of course, me being me, I went with cutting it up and putting it back together all funky to make a canvas - something i've been wanting to do for months now but never really had the motivation until now. And I've been obsessively painting these days since i splurged and bought a wide variety of different painting mediums and gels. I decided to experiment with the two together - to see what kind of texture the paint and the corrugation could create. Hence my "Be" wall piece:


The alpha letters are also corrugated cardboard from Joann's. There's also screen from the hardware store i put paint on.


The acrylic paint is mixed with Liquitex String Gel which gives it a bit of a honey-like consistancy and makes it super glossy.


Check out Gauche Alchemy for more AWESOME and awe-inspiring ideas!

365 Photo a Day Project - May 21 - June 17 + Birthday Card

365 Photo a Day Project - May 21 - June 3

365 Photo a Day Project - June 4 - 17

A months worth of photos for the 365 Project - WOW! I made it half a year!!! Thank goodness for my iPhone - dont think i would have without the convenience of the camera on it. And the new 4g's have flash built in!!! (Although i won't be getting one for some time I'm sure)

Another project I just did is a card for my Mom's birthday. I'm so geeking out on Acrylic Paint mediums these days - its all over this. Might look a little messy as i was having some inspiration problems, but the heart texture is super cool. I used a combination of "Pouring Gel" to make the outline and "Light Molding Paste" with Punchinella for the inside.

Mom's Birthday Card

Milan Photos Part One

Now for some Milan photos ... just the beginning :)

The thing that struck me most straight out of the box is how much graffiti there is EVERYWHERE. I've never seen anything like it and i live in downtown Atlanta! Alot of the graffitti are just "tags" - not really arty, just names and labels. Anyways, here are some shots from all over the city:

Milan Canal

This is by the canals. I am soooooooooo inspired by graffiti like this!!!!!

Street in MIlan, Italy

Just a street corner.
Street in MIlan, Italy
Another street corner. Love the juxtaposition of the tenet making their balcony all pretty and naturesque with the gritty city graffiti!

Milan Graffiti

Now, onto a little bit of architecture. Being from a country that wasnt built but within the last three centuries, it's crazy to think I was walking by and under structures built 8+ centuries (if not more) ago!


Castle in Milan

Castle in Milan
Finally, like any good tourist, we visited the Duomo in Milan - the fourth oldest Catholic Church in the world. Legend has it, it took 500 years to be built, was completed in the 17th century. Everywhere you look there is a scultpure or stainglass that all pertain to bible stories. However, since i've never cracked open a bible I couldnt tell you what anything is - and i hope none of the photos i took offends anyone in a religious way! I just thought they were pretty and fascinating to look at!

Duomo in Milan

Duomo in Milan

Duomo in Milan

Duomo in Milan

Duomo in Milan

Duomo in Milan

Duomo in Milan

Just a couple of miscellaneous things:

Italian Cheese

and a manhole:
Milan Sidewalk
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Photos from London Part One

the first of the photos from London.
I took about 2,000 photos and am in the process of trying to figure out what to do with them now! But here's a start of some of my favorites...

Rose on Gate at Hyde Park

This is one of my favorites! It's from a gate at Hyde Park. These others are also from Hyde Park:

Swans at Hyde Park, London

Sign at Hyde Park, London

statue detail in Hyde Park, London

(someone recently got a nosejob :D)

These next photos are from our afternoon on Brick Lane in London - a funky/arty neighborhood:

Spray Paint on Brick Lane, London

Spray Paint on Brick Lane, London

Exit Sign on Brick Lane, London

Wall on Brick Lane, London

Wall on Brick Lane, London

Cute Girls on Brick Lane, London

(no, i dont know who these chickies are - they were taking photos in front of the graffiti so i snapped a shot as well)

London Bridge, London

Going on London Bridge :)

Wall in Tunnel in London

Painted wall in a tunnel in London.

swiss alps and clouds

Last but not least in this set, the Swiss Alps and clouds seen from the airplane from London to Milan...

swiss alps and clouds

More to come...
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Travel Art Journal

travel art journal

Two years ago I made this Pre-art Journal Art Journal for a friend, and I always meant to make more as people seemed quite enthusiastic about it, but, well you know, life gets in the way.

Last week I took an eight day vacation to London and Milan and spurred by a new comment someone left on my LiveJournal out of the blue, I decided to make one to use as a prototype of sort. I think maybe now may be the time I can get my shit together and make these to sell!

Here are "before" photos I took - after photos will come shortly after I get some embellishments on I collected on the way.

travel art journal macro

I used a bunch of different envelopes that were perfect for stuffing things into and i also added some sheets of paper here and there and in envelopes that i could use to journal on. I used Punchinella to use as stencil with spray paint (which i now know not to use if i don't want the envelopes sticking together) and then I also used acrylic paint and white stamp ink.

travel art journal macro

I learned from Sarah's Journal that ribbons for binding weren't the way to go. I grommeted everything and put the binding rings through. Then i tied them with ribbon to the envelope to keep it all together.

travel art journal macro

So, if you read this, you know I'm thinking about selling these but i need a couple more testers who can also offer me opinions and constructive criticism about how to make it better. If there are two readers out there (living in the USA - sorry), email me (1lara1 at gmail dot com) and I will send you one to test.
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