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Art Journal Pre-Journal Cover

I can't believe i've found a way to take art journals further! hahahahahaha
So, it's what i'm calling an Art Journal Pre-Journal. If anyone has a better name let me know!

But the premise is is that it is all made of envelopes of different sizes, shapes and some have windows. You use it to put your little art journal collagy bits in! And possibly organize them. And on some of the pages I've put scrap paper which can be labeled, and in the middle is a set of post-it notes. The only thing I wanted to do but didn't have time was find a pen i could attach somehow.

Art Journal Pre-Journal Cover

Done with Glimmer Mist and chipboard alphas as masks. Also throughout the book are little things I've gotten in kits - a lot from Gauche Alchemy, actually, but other things i've collected along the way too. The cupcake brad is from GA and I believe the "shine" bead is too.

Art Journal Pre-Journal Back Cover

The back cover is the palette i used for the paint when i painted the book. I did it on a plastic file folder for durability :) Also each envelope hole is reinforced with grommets :) The glitter chipboard i am so in love with. My chipboard alpha collection is WAAAYYY getting out of hand people!

Art Journal Pre-Journal Overview

A couple of inside detail shots.
I put on my favorite quotes for inspiration - at least one on every envelope. Some envelopes have envelopes on them as well. Also, I put things into the envelopes for Sarah to find as she uses it (like collage images and other ephemera).

Art Journal Pre-Journal Inside

Art Journal Pre-Journal Inside

Art Journal Pre-Journal Inside

OK. So thats about it :)
I'd like to make another knowing what I know now - its definitely the sort of project you need to learn as you go. And Sarah's also giving me her invaluable input as she uses it. So i already know ways to make it better, or more usable perhaps. But, this project super invigorated me! Which is the point of creating, right?

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  1. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very fun and inspiring. I love the colors you used.

  3. papillon says:

    this is not only a brilliant idea, it's also brilliantly executed! love it :)))

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