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Hipstamatic Angels and Stones

Spent an overcast, but lovely, autumn afternoon walking around Atlanta's oldest cemetery, Oakland Cemetery, which is only a few miles from my house and i pass on my way to work every day and have always wondered what kind of old things might be lurking there.

So, I took the Hipstamatic using the Watts lens and Float Film and took photos of angels and stones.


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Love Canvas

look who got off her ass and did a little artwork last week ... me!
this is a laaaaaate birthday present for a friend.
i really like it and look forward to pushing this idea in the near future!

The base is a 4"x6" canvas that i covered with Golden Pumice Gel Medium mixed with acrylic paint and pink glitter. The Gel really held the glitter and i'm proud to say not much of it fell off after it dried! I mixed everything VERY well before applying with a palette knife. I also embedded little pieces of punchinella and lace before the Gel dried.

After things dried a bit i mixed the same acrylic paint and glitter with Golden Light Moulding Paste and applied it in the heart shape on the canvas then covered it with the beads and buttons and stones.

After everything was dry I dripped some of my "love" feng shui candle over the top of everything and voila, a happy little canvas was born that also smells delightful!

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