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Pose Strong

Here is a layout i did this weekend for the One Little Word challenge - "Strong"
This actually turned out really pretty - usually i don't do "pretty" stuff, but, ya, this one is!
Hard to capture it with a picture since i used so much transparency that glares really bad. :(

Here we be:

Photos are from May from a 366 photo shoot i did. I printed the main one out on transparency as well as put the smaller ones in a fake filmstrip megative and printed on transparency. The background paper is from Basic Grey.

The journaling is pretty personal. Don't try and understand it, i guess. But i put down masking tape and wrote on that. The tape is not quite opaque so you can see a little of the paper behind it. Plus ut adds some dimension and texture.

Of course, I had to use the fact I was using transparency to put stuff behind it. i layered ribbon and tulle behind and over it. Really cool effect. and since it made the transparency not lay flat on the paper it also made it look more like a window!

I tore the bottom of the paper to add some dimension and make it more interesting. the other 3 sides were actually black duct taped then put some of the green bubble masking tape i got at the SiSiversary over it. Love that stuff!!!! I also, again, experimented with using staples. I like using tape and staples - i think it's something everyone can identify with....

Love felt ribbon.
This is one of the prettiest things i've ever committed to paper :D

Showing more layer and texture. Duct tape, masking tape, tulle, staples, transparency - DELICIOUS!!! :)
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Brand New! Ready Set Scrap

so, i hope this is OK to post before May 1.
but i am so proud of this layout i did last night for the ready, set, scrap LJ challenge blog.
it was really inspired by not only the place the photo was taken at (which i did cut the background out) but also by watching episode one of Art:21 and their profile of a couple of street artists. I was enamored by their use of drippy paint.

I'm also enamored by using tape. period. duct... masking ... packaging ...
and of course acrylic paint - got to have my paints!
and that picture is just about the cats meow - favorite picture EVER.

It's a 12"x12" layout - the first i've done in an obscenely long time!!!
After working with the 6"x12" and mini books for the last couple of months the 12x12 "canvas" seemed HUGE and a little awkward to fill!!! Imagine that?!

Anyways, the base is my favorite sheet from Basic Grey's Obscure collection. I dripped Gesso over it so the white paint was a bit transparent. I used the Glitz Designs Number Roller Doodle from my first Scarlet Lime Kit :)
Also used pieces of that screen i found on the street which i've almost used up now :(

The chipboard letters are from both Making Memories and K & Company. They've got about 4 layers of paint and glitter on them! I only own black, white, magenta, yellow and cyan paint. I've been totally getting into mixing them for desired shades.

Also been loving tape. tape tape tape tape. love it.
Makes me want to throw out all my "traditional scrapbook" supplies and just use found objects and stuff I can get in the office supply section of a store!

i got around losing the journalling on the busy background or obscuring the background with a frame by putting it on the masking tape.
And of course, not to sound like a broken record, but indeed the story of my life right now is dream out loud!

Oh - and btw - let's pretend those lyrics are from the Muse version of the song - thank you very much! :)

I decided to use the lace and flowers to add some sweet beauty to the otherwise grungy chaotic background. i think it worked?

Wow, i really like this page.
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Lyrics Mini Book

The gals over at Ready, Set, Scrap asked me to create a project for them for their current challenge (as a guest designer!!!!) and this is what I have made! It's really cute, if i do say so myself :)

Minibook LOVE!!!
Most of the materials used are from the May Scarlet Lime Kit (yay - i used a kit!!!).
OMGosh i think i am obsessed with making mini books now - like a 12x12" sheet of paper just seems big and overwhelming and garish at this point!

And it was totally awesome being asked to be a guest designer - my first time ever! It made me think slightly differently about the project and challenge myself to come up with something as inspiring as possible but still true to myself and most importantly create something I'll want to look at a year or two or more from now.

The topic for this challenge is "This Moment" and I thought of dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to interpret this awesome theme - but i chose something that seems to be around me and in me constantly - music - that is the soundtrack of my life at this moment - the songs most played on my playlist and the lyrics most often quoted in my blogs. I think it'll be pretty nifty looking back next May to see what I was listening too and why!

"This Moment" is a very inspiring theme and I have even written it down on a piece of paper and adhered it to my inspiration board so when i get stuck in the future I can use it to jog my thoughtsicles (YES!!! finally able to work that 30 Rock quote in there!)


How CUTE and useful are these K&Company Brads? I need MORE!!!

Now for some of the songs on my soundtrack:
Had fun covering otherwise pretty bright paper with drippy acrylic paint and Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist as well as Merlot Glimmer Mist. That was a constant to bring it all together. But also i used a bit of neon pink duct tape and regular masking tape = LOVE. Oh! And the pink paper clips - i bought 100 for 50¢ at the scrapbox last week!

This is the inside back page. The pouch holds some journalling I have done about the last month and why these songs are so important to me. But that would be for my eyes only :)

p.s. - yes, i know i am obsessed with Muse and Depeche Mode.

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