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Let us Dance in the Sun Canvas

This is a mixed-media on canvas I made for my friend Ashley for her birthday.
Most significantly it's the first time i've combined a Hipstamatic photo with materials to make an art piece!!!
MAJAH! I've been wanting to do that for a year.

It's also the first time I think i've used yellow as a base color for something, and it's a very happy thing :)

I used acrylic paint - some mixed with Golden Pumice Gel for the extra texture. Also found yellow buttons and beads from my stash and can't forget my now, i think, signature use of Punchinella from Gauche Alchemy. There's also dripped Sandlewood Vanilla wax (smells lovely), scraps of ribbon and paper and screen.

Jen's Birthday Card

Oh boy, I've set the bar high for birthday cards now!
(*shakes fist at Bono)

For my BFF Jen I made her a little minibook birthday card.
For the inside pages I bought a doll and had all of our coworkers take Hipstamatic photos of it around the office and then i printed them out. Then they each signed the page their photo was one. It's so cool to see different people's take using the same subject! And even cooler when used with Hipstamatic :)

The button detail i did on the last page is inspired by one of my favorite mixed-media/art journalists Ingrid Dijkers whom one day i hope i can take a class with since she's based in Michigan and Wisconsin!

The card was made with cardstock, acrylic paint and ink on stamps, Punchinella and Ouchless Cardboard from Gauche Alchemy. I did a "macrame" binding with floss and ribbon and placed the wooden flower in as accent.
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