Posted by : lara 11.13.2011

This is a mixed-media on canvas I made for my friend Ashley for her birthday.
Most significantly it's the first time i've combined a Hipstamatic photo with materials to make an art piece!!!
MAJAH! I've been wanting to do that for a year.

It's also the first time I think i've used yellow as a base color for something, and it's a very happy thing :)

I used acrylic paint - some mixed with Golden Pumice Gel for the extra texture. Also found yellow buttons and beads from my stash and can't forget my now, i think, signature use of Punchinella from Gauche Alchemy. There's also dripped Sandlewood Vanilla wax (smells lovely), scraps of ribbon and paper and screen.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love my special piece, thank you so much!!! xo -AB

  2. papillon says:

    love the layercombo and the colorcombo! awesome :)))

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