Posted by : lara 9.01.2007

I had this portrait of Charo done a couple of months ago ( and have been looking for the right paper and time to scrapbook it the way it deserves! I found this pink paw paper yesterday at my local scrapbook store. The layout looks really cool because there are 3 different levels and couple of different textures.


"My favorite picture of Charo as immortilized by Becca from Tiny Paws. I took this photo as i was leaving for the airport on 12/05 so i would have a picture of her to look at as i was going to be away for 5 days. I love the way she's looking at me like "mama, i know you're leaving me, please don't go." Everytime i leave her, even if only for a couple of hours, i get that look and it breaks my heart. But then I come home and she's wagging her tail so hard she knocks herself over. If I had a tail, I'm sure I'd do the same!"

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