Posted by : lara 8.03.2012

Just found this photo as i was cleaning off my iPhone - must've had at least 100 photos of sunflowers. And it's always so hard to pick and choose the "best" because, really, who's to say what is the "best"? At the time i didnt think this was worth saving but good thing the Hipstamatic app did.

Other than a photo being in focus and cropped correctly, who's to say the same photo would elicit the same emotion in two different people...? and so it goes on and on as i dive deeper into this thing called selling my "art"

(and yes i still can't use that word to descibe what i create)

I just ordered about 80 prints of a dozen Hipstamatic photos - spending a small fortune since i'm getting them done all classy-like on professional paper with a metallic finish in different sizes. God i hope i can at least make my money back (if not a little extra).

Must be my hormones talking but all of the sudden last night the thought popped into my head "nothing is original, nothing is unique, why the fuck would someone waste money on your shit" oh well ... chalk it up to aunt flo.

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