Posted by : lara 7.31.2012

I've completed another mixed media to sell on Etsy and i must say this is my most favorite thing i've ever done! When i stepped back after the final embellishment was added i got goosebumps and said to myself "I DID THIS?! What the WHA?"

Of course, it started out as a complete experimentation with some super old mixture i had made weeks ago to try and mimac wax using a fluid medium. I was curious what would happen if i just poured it on the canvas and stuck things in it. And what happened overjoyed me!

It's so true what they say about happy accidents.

The photo is one i took in New Orleans at St Patricks Cemetary. It's so serene and the fortune cookie fortune i was able to find is a perfect sentiment.

This was also the first piece that i create a frame for the photo with plexiglass and duct tape. It was irritating me that the canvases i make our so textured that the photos tend not to lay flat, so this solves that problem (plus i supposed protects the photo for possibly eternal life.

I know i personally know exactly how dark that darkness can get until the light starts to dawn...

by the way, if you'd like to check it out in the etsy shop you can go here

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