Posted by : lara 7.16.2012

(taken in Hampton, GA - home of Jailhouse Brewery. Sugar Lens and Foxy Film.)

I've made two canvases now with Hipstamatic photos and paint and while i like them, i'm having a mental crisis that no one else will and it occurred to me that now i'm creating to sell and its throwing me all off cause really my pleasure comes from creating to create.

or does it?

the last two years i've been having quite a bit of a challenge sitting down and doing anything artsy or craftsy. Really, the only times i've made anything is when it's for someone else. And while i'm creating for my own enjoyment, ultimately it's the thought of what the person i'm creating it for enjoys or might like. So i guess that is creating for someone else after all . . .

but then all these questions accumulate in my head . . . and i suppose it just all boils down to confidence.
and honestly, some ego.

one thing that's always kept my interest in my own "art" is trying new things. I can't do the same thing over and over like an assembly line. this is another thing concerning me about selling my work - how do i make enough items to sell but keep my own interest while making them? I've come up with some "quick things" that at least at first will definitely be fun to do as they will be new skillz and techniques. I just don't want to become stale or god forbid boring. and the most exciting thing to me is when i produce something i've never seen before - it's what i live for.

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