Posted by : lara 7.12.2012

I got my first canvas piece done for the new collection i want to sell!
I also got Bono's 2012 Birthday card done this week.
Photos of both to come (of course).

It's feeling good doing a little bit of art every day. Even if it's only for half an hour.

Kind of like a work out but for the soul instead of muscles.

Oooh - i like that!
I'm going to have to remember that!!!

I have high hopes for this weekend.
I've bought 2 glue guns. One i used last night with crayons to drip wax - holy fucking shit that's going to be a new obsession i can just tell.

The other gun will be used to adhere things...
I'm also going to buy resin this weekend and start playing around with photo coasters using hipstamatic photos. i'm really really hoping these turn out as amazing as i'm imagining they are in my head.

I think my motivation has turned a corner now that my period is coming to an end, but we shall see... ugh these periods are killing me as i get older. booooo.

and on that note, i'll just stare at the pretty sunflower photo i took at the Sunflower Festival and breathe.

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  1. Karen says:

    What a gorgeous image, Lara. You are truly gifted.

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