Posted by : lara 7.17.2012

Completed is the 2012 Bono Birthday Card!

This year i played more with buttons and different acrylic paint mediums as well as added in my new obsession, wax . . . Drippy, oozy, yummy wax!

Recently i received a bag of about 1,000 fortunes from cookies a friend of mine used to be obsessive about eating and have been incorporating those into the art i have been doing. The one i used on Bono's card seemed pretty apropos...
The card itself is a book cover in which i bound the card into with brads and ribbon.
All in all i'm quite happy with it and it's also invigorated and motivated me to make a collection of buttony waxy heart canvases to sell! So, look for those at some point soon... :)

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