Posted by : lara 8.15.2012

battling a case of the never-ending mondays this week.
and just am fighting with myself about if i'm wasting my time (and money) making all this stuff that is taking up tons of room in my studio and kitchen. Canvas, paper, photos and paint stare at me in the face, almost mocking me, taunting me ... what are you doing with us they shout.

I look at these out of the corner of my eye and fight myself not to grab them and throw them out. Perhaps i need to take a break for a moment ... it is not "art" if it makes me feel like fucking shit, right?

Had a discussion with a fellow artist earlier today.
I asked if one can create art without confidence in themselves.
She said yes. Confidence is an emotion. Art is an action.
But art is made with emotion i said
And she asked whats the difference between a person who wants to make art and an artist? The desire is not the action.

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