Posted by : lara 2.02.2010

Art Journal Page 020110

an art journal page i did this weekend - i've had ZERO creativity lately and i really had to force this one out which sucks ass, let me tell you. I think it looks forced and overworked, but it's something.

The eye graphic is from Gauche Alchemy. The text is package tape transfer (who recognizes the lyrics :) ), there's wax paper and acrylic paint all thrown in there too.

The subject of the page came out of the realization when i was staring at a painty piece of wax paper over the eye, the only thing that has really been a constant in my tumultuous life the last two years has been art and the need to create. I mean, sure my good friends and family are always a constant, but the thing directly around me in my minute to minute world, even when my mental state was completely broken or xanaxed out, or i literally would not be to identify myself, the stranger, in a mirror, i always was thinking about ways to get that energy and emotion out of me through creative expression. You wouldn't believe how many pages of just black and blue paint i have tucked away.

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  1. Tyggereye says:

    This is great. I love the criss cross of the printed lyrics. Awesome. I have many black and blue pages tucked away too.

  2. lara says:

    you do the black and blue pages too? They're therapeutic, right?!

  3. Joyce says:

    Talk to me about these black and blue pages? Have you figured out why it feels forced? Whatsa doin'? Happy happy weekend to you Lara.

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