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This was a very fulfilling layout i did this weekend.
I used pretty much all Gauche Alchemy products!

Lately, I've been really into making my own backgrounds by tearing apart other papers or layouts - so this background is pieces of newspaper from Acme Kit #2 that i wove together to form an approximately 12x12 sheet.

Pieces Macro

The screen, plastic canvas and punchinella, one of the puzzle pieces and Clue card are also from various GA kits (and kits about to be released!) The other puzzle piece i found in the dirt in a parking lot! :)

The paint swatch with my jounralling is one of the colors i'm thinking about painting my bedroom - i think that could be cool, yeah? A dark lovely warm purple?

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  1. so into all these elements and fragments - love the way you're expressing through these pages... the puzzle piece and Clue card are SO telling!

    thanks for swinging by my blog!

  2. Carmen says:

    I agree with Leah about the elements you've used. Just love this.

    That colour purple is gorgeous. Though be warned you may need more lighting in there ;) We just painted my eldest daughters bedroom purple but now have to get a brighter bulb because it's so dark in there *g* She loves it though.

  3. lara says:

    Thanks Leah!!!

    And Carmen - good point about the lighting - i want something cozy and warm and the color purple is the feng shui "power" color for that corner of my house (plus i LOVE it). Right now I actually have no lighting other than the overhead, I'll have to find something spiffy to go with it - or make something spiffy :) hmmmmm.....

    Did you guys paint all four walls the same hue? I was thinking of dividing the walls up with a lighter and dark purple?

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