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Craft room Before Cleanup

Craft Room

I actually achieved cleaning and organizing my craftroom this long weekend!
It's been an ongoing project for about 3 weeks now.
I really didn't think i would ever get it done to my satisfaction, and truth be told it's not truly organized well, but it's a start! Things are labeled and put into loose categories.

It's in the 2nd bedroom of my house - also a guest bedroom for those rare times i have a guest who wants to stay the night. That's a futon in the corner.

Craft Room

OK, this is the main table - everything i use on a regular basis is on it plus little odd pieces of ephemera and tiny scraps. I don't like the tape box, but it'll do until i get some sort of rod or something to put them on. Haven't got a chair yet, except for my kitchen chair which is a little too tall (it's like a bar stool height). I generally have always stood while i work because i like to dance around, but i have noticed this last year my back and feet starting to hurt alot more when i stand for hours, so sitting won't be too much of a compromise. And if i want to dance, i can always butt dance! Or just get up.

Craft Room

The secondary table - i bought these three plastic drawer thingies over a 2 week period and was SHOCKED to find that they fit PERFECTLY under the table. I mean - vertically and horizontally with hardly an inch to spare! I like that the drawers come out and go in so easily - i have them semi-organized so if i'm looking for a piece of paper i can pull the whole drawer out and put it on my workspace. Some of the drawers i just filled with all sorts of odd scraps so it's kinda inspirational sorting through the whole drawer and i've already had the experience of looking for one thing but then finding something even better!

Now that i have things as organized as someone like me could (it's a hereditary thing, my family SUCKS at both organization and hoarding), i need to personalize the room on a whole now that i know I am living in this house for awhile. I definitely want to put up an inspiration board, get some better lighting and art on the walls. but all in good time ... all in good time.

Hopefully this room will provide a comfortable place for inspiration and motivation for the upcoming year/s!

(i still can't believe i got this done!)

3 Responses so far.

  1. Joyce says:

    Big yay for you!!! Happy Dance Laps too.

  2. Nina says:

    Woohoo! Way to go, Lara dear! I want one of those 3-drawer thingies! Wonderful! =)


  3. lara says:

    Thanks Joyce - i think i literally was doing Happy Dances for the rest of the day!

    And Nina, Target/Walmart = $15 :D

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