Posted by : lara 1.07.2010

evolve layout

did a "comfort" layout last night that didn't involve alot of thinking, but still was just doing something. i have the "staring at the blank canvas" syndrome these days.

I tore a bunch of paper samples up from "French Paper Company" which has the most delicious paper sample books EVER that I've been hoarding for over two years now (and luckily since i'm in the printing business get for free every now and then), and then did some of my favorite bottle cap stamping.

Looking at it and all the circles that coincidentally were on the page the first word that came to my head was "evolve" for some reason...
Since "evolve" isn't really a circular word...
So, i slapped on some puffy stickers i've had FOREVER and never thought I'd ever use (which also coincidentally had circles on them), then grabbed the ballerina card and punchinella out of one of my Gauche Alchemy kits which made it feel more like something was "evolving" from whatever the circles represent which to me is kinda of being stuck in the same place.

evolve macro

Voila, short, simple but sweet.
I think i've decided my word for 2010 should be "simple". At first i liked the idea of "evolve" but now simple seems to be the key to day to day happiness.

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  1. Maggi says:

    I love this, the paper tearing and bottle cap stamping is awesome. Evolve has been in my head lately as well.

  2. Carmen says:

    This is gorgeous. And a good title for the way it all came together definitely.

  3. lara says:

    Thanks Carmen and Maggi!

    Maggi - just curious how that word has been on your mind lately? It can be thought of in so many different ways!

  4. Dear Lara, through "A year in the life..." I got to your blog and your work simply jumped at me! I have the intention to follow the "year" and start creating an art journal. In a way my word could be evolve too, I now call it my creative journey though...but I think we somehow will have the same goal.
    I simply love the LO you made and if you don't mind I would like to lift it? Of course I would link to you.
    Have a nice wekend - Irma

  5. Brian K says:

    I am really loving your use of colors and texture! By that I mean it's cool and JELOUS as all heck! Way cool! Yeah I am a guy journaler! Very cool blog!

  6. lara says:

    Irma - ohmy! never had anyone "lift" a layout before - knock yourself out!!! Let me know when you come up with something so I can check it out! Love the stuff you've done for Gutter Girlz so im sure it will ROCK!
    I look forward to "challenging" each other in our art journal journey!

    Brian - teehee ... a boy. Not enough of you around, or at least maybe not enough with the cajones to express themselves?

    I JUST figured out I've been leaving love for your layouts on flickr - small world! Love your art journals too! Thanks for the comment :)

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