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Create Wall Hanging - The Creative Type

I was asked to do a Guest Spot on The Creative Type for their latest prompt using Gauche Alchemy color mixed media kits. I made two things, here's the first!

In a bold move maybe only I am capable of, I TOTALLY misunderstood the prompt they wanted me to do, but being the lovely ladies that they are, they worked it into their posting. The prompt was to create a "neutral" piece, somehow i translated that as monotone, or one-color.

I chose PINK. After all my favorite movie of all time, and one that really shaped the person i am today, is "Pretty in Pink" - I mean when Andie makes that prom dress out of Iona's old vintage dress and the monstrosity her dad bought her, it's pure inspiration! (Even though i never quite understood why the dress turned out kind of lame, even for mid-80s fashion standards).

oh, ooops, i digressed...

What i made.... is a wall hanging - in fact it's hanging in my kitchen right now and makes me smile everytime i see it!
The base is Ouchless Cardboard from the GA Artfire store. I put down white tape to give more texture, then used pink and white acrylic paint to create the background:

Macro Pink

I then grabbed this piece of vellum and put down the chipboard letters and sprayed "Merlot" Glimmer Mist over the top creating the masking effect. I love that when it is hanging I can just barely see through the letters to the back of the piece. But, the main thing to remember with The Creative Type challenges, is it's all about the type - so i really wanted it to be the centerpiece.

Create Wall Hanging - The Creative Type Macro

To pull the "half box" together I punched holes in the top and bottom and used that pretty ribbon to hold it together - and i punched two holes and grommeted the "create" vellum to hang it from the top.

And then the fun came in decorating it with all the little tidbits that come in the Pink Parts mixed media color kit!

I can't say enough about how awesome these kits are - AND affordable! And no two are the same! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!

Create Wall Hanging - The Creative Type Macro

(That clear button of the nude woman is actually from my own collection - I have NO idea where i got it, but i have a couple of them, i just thought she looked cool there :))

(pssst ... P.S. check out my posting of this at Gauche Alchemy for a little challenge from me to you with prizes!)

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  1. Thanks for the lovely comments on my first gutter page, really appreciate it. I love your blog its totally fab!!

  2. Carmen says:

    Neutral/monotone... I would have made the same mstake ;)

    This is stunning and can see why it makes you smile :D

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