Posted by : lara 1.21.2010

A couple of art journal pages.

What - Art Journal

This is for Year in the Life of an Art Journal prompt which is the word "what". I've been saving this image forever - i did NOT draw it - it's from a magazine, although at this point i couldn't tell you which. This was a pretty therapeutic page for me.

As was this:

Eyes of the Jackyl - Art Journal
This is in my general art journal. I call it "In the Eyes of the Jackyl I Say Kaboom" which is a Smashing Pumpkins lyric that has resonated with me since the mid-90s. this really feels like my first true "visual journal" page as there's no journalling but when i look at it i know EXACTLY what i'm feeling and trying to say.

On this page I learned that ink does not dry well on wax paper :)

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  1. Maggi says:

    The first page really speaks to me (and I love finding interesting images to use) but the second one, wow! It's perfect, no words needed (and Smashing Pumpkins rule!) lol

  2. lara says:

    thanks Maggi!
    i was pretty psyched to create an actual visual page!

  3. Virginia says:

    Love both pages Lara, I've 'started' my what page but that's it at the moment, inspired enough to pick up again later and hit it with something!

    Loving the smashing pumpkin inspired page, I was sat listening to a great album the other day and was amazed how creative I got with my crafting, then I put something a bit lighter on and couldn't believe how the creative light bulb simply went off! Made me think you need to listen to decent music whilst creating!

  4. Carmen says:

    They are both amazing! That picture is perfect for the first page and I love that you highlighted 'power'. The second page - I could just look at it for ages. It is a very 'Whoa' page.

  5. They are BOTH awesome!! Love the imagery on both of them...

  6. lara says:

    Virginia - OMG, music is my lifeblood when it comes to crafting - and you're right it absolutely sets the mood and provides the soundtrack for what you're doing! Can't wait to see your "what" page!!!!!

    Carmen - thank you thank you thank you! I couldn't believe how lucky it was that the word power was in the text i had randomly cut up! And "whoa" is like one of the highest compliments EVER cause i know exactly what you mean!

    Rachel - THANK YOU TOO! Thanks for the prompt :)

  7. Joyce says:

    Hi Lara, These are AWESOME! Like the finger tatoos too. Decided to stay up and get the circle journal finished so it can be sent off later today. Have a great weekend.

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