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New 365 Journal

Another project I started January 1st is doing the 365 Photo Challenge again.
I did it two years ago, made it through to mid-August before my life BLEW up and the last thing on my mind was taking photos. Recently I found the journal i was keeping with the photos from Jan 1 mid August and although I couldn't actually look at it, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too painful in a really really painful way, i'm glad i have it. So in 5-10 years when the sores are not so raw i can see the year that changed the course of my life through photos.

Anyways, long story short, 2010 will be my year of renewal and i am doing this project again. And to go along with it, this time i made a art journal to use for the entire year. It's alot like the one i made for my friend Sarah, so this will also put it through some testing because ultimately i think i could sell these.

So, the journal is comprised of 4 envelopes of varying sizes, 2 page dividers and 12 sheets of paper. The cover is a Scrabble Board I got in the latest Gauche Alchemy kit to be released very very shortly. The wire flower I came across as i was unpacking/organizing this last week - my friend Matthew made it for me back in college, possibly about 1991. It was a necklace but i took it off the string and hung it on the book. It's a reminder of evolution, creativity and friends.

Behind the cover is a "Privacy Please" door hanger from my Spain vacation a couple of years ago. And then there are a couple of different size envelopes for me to stuff full of different ephemera i pick up along the year.

New 365 Journal

There are 12 sheets of paper in the binder - one for every month, and every day i'll make a little note about the day or the photo i took that day. The big Office Envelope in the back is folded to be about 8.5x11 - at the end of each month I'll print all 30-31 photos out on a sheet of paper mosaic style and put in the envelope.

This is a huge project for me. For one, I am uber-ashamed and sensitive about my appearance these days so to force myself to look at myself will hopefully also force myself to start living healthy again. And hopefully as i look back along the year I can see a change from the washed out, bloated, zombie i am now to something not quite as distasteful in the future.

Thanks Margarethe, Sarah and April for the inspiration to revisit this project - i look forward to sharing notes with you along the way!!!!

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