Posted by : lara 2.11.2010

Not to be more morose, but i found these two photos on my camera today as I started to go through my 2 weeks worth of 365 Photos. It makes me so happy yet so sad that these were the two last photos I ever took of Charo

Charo, my love.

I miss her smell. Every morning i would smell her forehead and kiss her goodbye and every night we would cuddle on the couch and i would just smell her forehead and listen to her breathe.

Charo, the last photo.

Tuesday was a horrible horrible day last week. Just horrible. This last photo I took for 365 to represent how my lil mamacita was such a comfort when everything else was, well, horrible.


However, time to move on and not dwell. Me and Sophia Rose found each other at Atlanta Pet Rescue on Tuesday - she has bad kennel cough but appears to be starting to fit in with Herschel and I:

Sophia-and-Herschel Resting

The new Pack

Herschel still looks sad, doesn't he. Poor kid... hopefully once they become more comfortable with each other they'll become real buddies.

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  1. Tyggereye says:

    I'm so sorry about your chihuahua. Thats great you found a dog that was in need of a good home. They look like they'll be buddies for sure.

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