Posted by : lara 2.12.2010


Man - 3rd week of 2010 is done and gone?
Here's the two week recap of my life - i am actually really really thankful i started this - it's pretty powerful to see your life in photos.

Obviously, it was a tumultuous week - i know some of the photos might be a little, um, graphic.

P.S. the feb 2 photo of my titties was after a mammogram - i wasn't trying to be all Playboy on ya. It's soooo convenient having an iphone camera! More than half of the photos i've now taken have been from that. Not too shabby.

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  1. Vel says:

    I hope you're doing a little better now. And I can see the red on your chest from the mamogram. The one and only time I had one she was so rough that I actually bled! It's sick! And now I'm over 40 so I have to start going regularly. Not looking forward to this!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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