Posted by : lara 5.15.2008

OMGosh - i finally got the ticket mini done!
Inspired by the Art if Found Challenge Blog.
It's been at least a month since i started it!
I've photographed each page so about 20 images behind the cut:

The cover.
Chipboard alpha letters covered with pink acrylic and glitter.
Also scanned in some 80s caricatures from an old No 1 magazine and printed them on transparency.
I thumbed through a bunch of old 80s music mags (of course i still have them!) and tried to echo the colors and style - yellow, pink and blue were popular back then! And who could forget the paint splashy phase in pop culture?!

I had uber fun making the card bases. They're carboard mattes i got to fling paint at!

One side i did with the white background of the cardboard - the other side i painted in the same colors as the paint before flinging it.

Here is the back of the book:

And a side view:

for the main pages with the ticket stubs!
I went though a couple of ideas here and kinda combined them all in the end. At first i made little pockets to put all the stubs in but then decided I liked it better to be able to see them. So some are "hidden", some are not.

Most of all i didn't want to use any adhesives on the stubs - not just for archival purposes but in case in the future i wanted to do something else with them. Like the Madonna ones. I definately think I need a Madonna scrapbook at some point since she was my hero and biggest influence.

Also, I'd like to note, I saw U2 3 times in the 80s but did not include those stubs. They need their own mini-book at some point!!!!! In addition to all the 90s and 2000's U2 stubs.


First concert ever (which i did not keep the stub for :( )

The show that completely changed my life and defined my tween years:

OK, and the others:


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