Posted by : lara 4.09.2009

040409 - Art Journal Page

I used a couple of gel transfers on this from photoshop brush patterns i printed out. Also the quote is gel transfer - i printed all the quotes from that HUGE list i've been keeping (udated almost daily btw), but i printed them in mirror image to use with the gel transfer, and let me tell you, it's a bit of a challenge to figure out what the quote says when it's backwards! LOL

040509 - Art Journal Page

A couple of months ago i won a "paper pack" from an Etsy shop of cool found images - the cut out dress is one from that. The shop is and i highly recommend their "piles of paper" for inspiration!

040309 - Art Journal Page

This came out of a learning and growing experience me and my two best friends just went through. It blows my mind how the paths we've all chosen to go down are so different yet our friendship is still always there!

040609 - Art Journal Page

I think my handwriting ruined this page, but ... oh well ...

040209 - Art Journal Page

And yes it's a U2 lyric :-p

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