Posted by : lara 7.23.2010

Art Journal - Stop

For the latest prompt at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal as my inspiration in addition to the "misting" prompt at Gauche Alchemy.

However, for my misting technique I chose spraypaint as lately I've been super inspired by graffiti and I like the opaqueness spray paint creates. There's five layers of paint on this page (I know i have a problem) - the first layer is my "palette" layer - paints i've used on other projects throughout the last couple of months. Over that to make it more cohesive I used acrylic paint with some moulding paste and Punchinella to stencil it. I then slathered my hands in paint to do the imprint. Then I cut out outlines of my hands, used them as masks while I also took some lovely plastic canvas from the Wholey Sheet Kit and lightly spraypainted over the entire page. I then sprayed some "Merlot"Glimmer Mist for a soft drippy effect and then dripped more acylic paint at the top. Finally I put some alpha stickers on that say "Stop - Are You Happy." I wanted to journal more but then decided that one sentence says it all. And my art journalling these days has concentrated more on visual evocation than literal. But that one sentence produces an answer that then produces so many more questions....

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  1. Dawn says:

    oh my this is GLORIOUS!!!! I love all the layers and colors....and the hands! Wonderful :)

  2. Carmen says:

    This is so gorgeous Lara. The colours are amazing!

  3. I love the layers in this. This is a bright, vibrant and funky page. LOVE LOVE LOVE :-)

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