Posted by : lara 12.23.2010

Last month African Well Fund held an auction to raise money for water projects and I offered up one of my handmade art journals and THANK GOD one person bid on it and even nicer was she's a good friend!

Here are some photos of what she is now the owner of:

I tried a new technique i've been stalking for months and months that i see the brilliant Ingrid Dijkers use - using the edges of pages for embellishments like buttons, beads, wires, ribbon etc. I hate sewing and this truly was a labor of love as i had to keep convincing myself to finish the edge i had started, but i think it does look pretty cool! I'll do it again...

A favorite quote of my friend with some punchinella, acrylic paint and spray paint:

Inside I used envelopes and "found" paper throughout - the whole journal can be considered "upcycled" I guess. Also a very generous amount of supplies from the Gauche Alchemy store like the punchinella, color kit bits, paper ephemera etc

I also finally learned how to strengthen the old pattern envelopes to make them reusable with the help of Soft Gel.

A couple more inside envelopes:

Hope she loves it and uses it! I'm finally starting to think i might have something i can sell...??????

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, I do LOVE it!

  2. Tricia says:

    This journal is awesome! I'm sure people would pay for something so cool. But it's a lot of work, I would think. Lucky recipient!


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