Posted by : lara 1.16.2011

January brings a new year of a Year in the Life of an Art Journal! This is the 3rd year i will participate, and like the last two i have custom made my own art journal.

This year I've switched it up a little and tried to perfect what i've learned works for me in an art journal by using different sorts of papers at different sizes. All papers are heavyweight with different textures and size. I've also elected to use holes to bind so if i need to take them out to work on them easier OR if a paper isnt doing it for me and i want to replace the page with a different type of paper i can.

The thing I think i've decided i like best about art journals are the bits that hang over the edges and make you want to explore. Therefore the pages are different sizes and orientations to exaggerate this!

I've completed the front cover with many things from Gauche Alchemy kits like sheet music and punchinella. The background are paint strips cut up and interwoven.

I am looking forward to working in it in the upcoming year!!!!

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  1. Suzie says:

    Ooh this looks gorgeous - I want to have a rummage! I love this look but never seem to manage to recreate it myself - mine just ends up looking a mess! Can't wait to see how yours progresses!

  2. Marit says:

    I love it Lara! That paper weaving is soooo much fun and looks so good! (I made a piece last year with weaving myself) I can't wait to see jour art journal growing!

  3. Nikki says:

    Beautiful journal Lara! Can't wait to see what you fill it up with too! :)

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