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Mixed Media Card - Stronger Than Fear

For the 13th year African Well Fund held its annual "Build a Well for Bono's Birthday" fundraiser and again i made the card that housed messages sent to Bono from people who donated to the fundraiser. And this year, i have to say, the card was highly inspired.

bbbbw2Mixed Media Card - Stronger Than Fearw00

When formulating the idea for the card the thought of using bicycle gears not just inspired me but amused me as a tongue in cheek reference to Bono's bike accident last fall.

So, I found some used gears on etsy in various sizes then textured the background with DecoArt crackle paste. I actually successfully got the effect I was hoping! Big cracks in the center fading into smaller cracks to the edges.

Mixed Media Card - Stronger Than Fear Macro

The watch face i had gotten at a flea market. There are several reasons why i added it that was inspired by U2's music. I had just seen two live shows in Chicago of the Innocence and Experience tour and the running theme in both the show and the album is "time". The past, present and future. Acknowledging the good, bad and ugly that happened in the past which because of time can be reflected on to move forward with peace and happiness.

In addition, one of my most favorite U2 lyrics (which is in not one of my most favorite songs), always jumps out at me and haunts me even when i'm not listening to it. It's from the song "City of Blinding Lights" and goes "Time won't leave me as I am ... but time won't take the boy out of this man..."

Lastly the lyric "Stronger than Fear." Where do I even start about this line... it's from the song "Raised by Wolves" and i almost got it tattoo'd on me with the wolf dog Bono drew on my arm. I've been really exploring the idea of fear in my artwork over the last year or so, and try to live my life by the premise that "everything good is on the other side of fear" - so this line in a song about moving past something. "Stronger than fear ... if i open my eyes, you'll disappear" -

After all, fear is a construct of our imaginations.

Mixed Media Card - Stronger Than Fear Macro

This year i also hand wrote the note ... i think it says everything it needs to say :)

Mixed Media Card - Stronger Than Fear Macro

On the back i used a stencil with some light molding paste and for the first time signed my name. In the past I haven't because i didn't want it to seem like it was from me, but this year i decided to sign the piece cause it is so special to me. Plus, i think by now he gets it's from the fans...

Oh, and by the way, this year we got to give Bono his card in person! It was about a 10 second meeting but we gave him the card and told him the total. He also said to me after glancing at the card "i love your stuff" and although i have overthought this in every way, i'm taking this as a compliment in every way. (I know, i know, i'm crazy)

For past cards, check out this link.

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  1. Seth says:

    Incredible. Every thing about this. Incredible. The card is spectacular. I would hang it on my wall in a heartbeat. The amount of money raised. Impressive. And a personal meeting and a compliment about your stuff. It doesn't get better than that! Congratulations. ps -- totally cool that you used my star stencil. You rock!

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