Posted by : lara 12.07.2008

This is inspired by the "Favorite 4 Letter Word using the color red" Challenge at Gutter Girlz. I could've used my favorite F-bomb but I thought i'd go a little more "positive" and I've noticed this word "hope" has been really coming out of my mouth often these days!
On the back i listed out everything i've been hoping for recently. I didn't want to incorporate it into the layout cause i wanted to keep it more positive. Keep it with the forward momentum I've accomplished.

I guess you can call it a hybrid layout - the photo is pimped out in photoshop but the rest is yummy paint and chipboard letters and paper.

Here's a close-up. I did a reverse stamp for the background - put a bunch of paint down and THEN press the bubble wrap into it, keep it there for about 10 mins then removed it. Kind of a neat effect I guess.

Here's an art journal page i did a couple of weeks ago but have been too lazy to photograph until now. I went to the Indie Craft Fair and bought this little collage a woman had made using this quote and it got under my skin enough where i wanted to use it in my own collage interpretation :)

I just noticed the date - that should be 11/16/08 :)

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