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a rather quick art journal page i did last night

I all of the sudden had an epiphany that I meaning ME could be considered "an artist." I've always been super hesitant to label myself this and i think it's always been at the front of my mind to want to become it some day.
Like "what do i want to be when i grow up?" type question.
"Artist" always seemed to be a conceited answer, and one that would put me an esteemed group of masters and i could never fit there.

So, last night I was painting up a bunch of pages and it just hit me, i think now i can confidently say i'm an artist. Yeah? Yeah. I don't have to paint like Picasso or even make things people want to pay money ... i just have to MAKE. You know, like CREATE.

That word is so daunting and weighty to me, though... but perhaps i finally feel like i'm making something that makes me happy and content and that i want to actually put up in my house ... you know, like art ...

Art Journalling has become so much more than a visual diary for me - it's helped me try out new techniques, develop styles that i feel comfortable with and given me more confidence to share my work and ultimately my emotion. I guess it's a freedom to think that not every page has to be a masterpiece, and it's all just a journey towards something greater some day.

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  1. Beautiful! And, yes you ARE AN ARTIST! Now go shout it from the rooftops! Your work is fantabulous, by the way.

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