Posted by : lara 9.15.2009

Gutter Girlz - I'm Not Your Bitch

OMG, I've been DYING to share this layout I did last week for the new Gutter Girlz challenge! Since they only get announced on the 15th of every month I had to wait ... but I love how this came together :)


I'm not ur bitch, BITCH
U and Ur HAND by Pink
Lipstick (i wanted to put lipstick on charo and have her kiss the page but i don't own any lipstick)

tee hee - it's been soooooooooo long since i've done a layout about my baby girl and when the prompt was announced i knew exactly what i wanted to do - well not what i wanted to do, but the subject of who i wanted to do it about! oh nevermind.... but one of my names for her is "Bitch". Along with "Lil Mama", "Mamacita", "Chi Chi" and, well, the "c" word - "Cunt". I take 75% responsibility for making her into the little spoiled monster she is - the other 25% is the purebred Chihuahua gene.

I also used alot of things from Gauche Alchemy - most notably from their ACME Kits which i've been "saving" things to use and finally decided i just need to use them! (Like the poodle/bull dog magazine page)

Look at all those old school bitches! And that bull dog giving the poodle "the paw"! The buttons are for Megan - I giggled when i put them on cause i know how much she likes buttons :) Or at least she made some comment at some time saying she liked the buttons and it stuck in my head.

Gutter Girlz - Bitch Macro

Here's a close up of 2 dimensional Charo's bitch collar. If she weren't such a stuck up bitch and would wear a collar in real life I'd make her one! But she generally won't "lower" herself to the level of wearing collars. Trust me I've tried! But she's pretty good about walking off leash - unless she sees a cat, then all bets are off.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    leeeerrrrrrrve the layering! And the super cute collar.

    (Although perhaps I should mention I'm owned by a toy poodle...)

  2. Amy Wing says:

    The collage skillz are first-rate, Lara! Oh, and thanks for the plug - I always love to go through a project and look for all the things I've touched. :)

  3. Joyce says:

    Lara, is this a true 12x12? it looks like the trim is hanging over and I wondered how you put this in an album? I like this{sometimes the prompts are a little startling though-:)}! H-happies. I've been wondering where you put your blog? I should have just left you a comment over on Flickr asking-duh.

  4. lara says:

    joyce - it's not 12x12 :) i have it shoved in my binder - i use the American Craft binders so they're a but oversized to begin with.

    i just really started this blog - i still use LiveJournal for all my non-arty posts!

  5. Nikki says:

    wow! yr work is fab!!! thanx for yr comment on my gutter girlz lo. its actually not square chipboard, its mirrored tiles. i just could get it photographed right. i had a great time doing this prompt.

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