Posted by : lara 11.26.2009

nov. gauche alchemy circle journal

page(s) for the november gauche alchemy circle journal. the theme is "vintage feminist"

this really is more of a mod podge collage than i'm used to doing, but i was just curious to see what a bunch of scraps i had looked like all applied to a page.
The journal itself was made from a book who's spine was cut off and pages glued together to be thicker and stronger. In the collage you can still see some of the original page and text shown through.

The bird was in a bag of a bunch of goodies passed from person to person to pick and choose and use. A massive part of the background is a zipper holder, a plastic bag (orange lined) and screen.

There's a lot of text on the page - the upper page has text cut out from a children's story about a little plane learning how to fly in the sky with the beautiful sun. The bottom page, over the woman, is one of my favorite quotes from Howard Thurman about coming alive and following your dreams. I wanted to kind of juxtapose the notion of freedom and growth against the traditional looking woman and the old zipper for sewing. So, there's a loose story going on here :)

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  1. Maggi says:

    That turned out awesome! Did I already do my pages in this one, they're starting to blur! lol

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