Posted by : lara 11.02.2009

art journal - underneath

inspired by the "u for underneath" prompt at A Year in the life of an art journal and my love for colored duct tape and paint and screen and zippers.

and from underneath
the colorless place i have been inhabiting
came a new energy
a renewal of life
i see color,
i dream in color,
i feel color.

art journal - chick

In my "art Journal #2" - i found these photos from when i was shining and skinny and healthy and happy - i thought i'd put one on the page since i tend to look at my art journals more these days than shoeboxes of photos :)

More duct tape and some "punch waste" from a gauche alchemy kit.

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  1. Vel says:

    LOVE these! The colors are just out of this world fabulous. I recently picked up a bunch of colored duct tape super cheap (yay!)...still gotta get around to using it though. :)

    Love your ink too, btw.

  2. lara says:

    thanks Vel! :)
    Colored duct tape rocks my world!!
    Funny enough, i go through black the most though!

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